Have you got a wall you have been dying to fill for ages but have yet to find that perfect painting? Maybe you can't find the right composition or colours that are in keeping with your decor... If you are stuck and would like a favourite scene or place painted that would be unique to your home then why not have an original painting commissioned by me.

Here are a few ideas of sizes available and cost. Of course I can also supply prints of my paintings (click here to go to the gallery)

Sizes and Prices of Original Paintings

Canvas Size in inches




20 x 16


40 x12


36 x 14


40 x 16


47 x 12


40 x 30


72 x 24


other sizes also available.

Some examples:

Darwin Reflections - 40 x 12inches £325 ORIGINAL

Wave block canvas on the wall - 10x10inches £65 ORIGINAL




I can also do wall paintings - these are fabulous for childrens rooms or simply to
create a talking point
in your home.

Wisteria climbing up the stairs.

Mosaics are an amazing addition to any bathroom - especially a family one - these are done from varying materials and can be designed with any theme in mind.

"Under the Sea" mosaic

For more information on mosaics and wall paintings contact me at

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